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Thursday 17th Nov depart from London Friday 18th Nov - Early in the morning arrive in Baghdad and go straight to Najaf. - After ziayarte of Amir al Momineen the zawars will depart for the walk before Zohar. - Zawars will arrive in mowkib 470 on Friday night Saturday 19th Nov - Zawars will walk to Mowkib 1042 and will sleep the night there Sunday 20th Nov -Zawars will walk towards Karbala at night -Zawars will reach Karbala at night and will go for majlis and will do ziyarate in the Haram Monday 21st Nov - After Fajr and ziayarte Arbaeen the zawars will depart for Kadhmain - Zawars will arrive Kadhmain at night, will do ziayarte and stay in a hotel Tuesday 22nd Nov Early in the morning will depart for London & will arrive in London same day. Please fill in the below declaration if you wish to come.